5 Ways to Study So That You Can Remember Everything During Exam Time

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IIT-JEE/ NEET aspirer knows how difficult it is to cross all the hurdles to crack exam. One of the challenges students come across while appearing for exam is mugging up the things with analytical and logical skills to write. Reason behind this is that they are prepared with loads of information that ruins their learning and recalling information process. Deep understanding of qualitative information can work wonders instead of burdening your mind with lots of useless data.  Learning and understanding the concept is different from retaining and application of same.

Here are few techniques that can be applied to retain and recall the filtered information that yields effective results during exam:-

Follow proper study plan:

IIT-JEE /NEET aspirants need to follow the proper study plan. Study Plan doesn’t mean time duration given to each subject or topic, Rather it should be comprehensive plan defining the prioritization of each subject not only according to number of question asked but also according to your interest and content coverage.

Strategizing Exam preparation but not following it will not only hamper your progress rather create more stressful conditions. Sincere adherence of study plan is a perquisite.

Prepare smartly:-

Very often it is seen friends discuss about number of hours they are spending on preparation. The hard work they are putting is not necessarily going to give effective result, but yes, smart preparation within less time can give productive results. So, don’t bother about friends putting so ad so hours to study-prepare smartly, confine you to limited hour study solving complex questions with innovative and time saving tricks is the key.

Believe in Yourself-Never Doubt you capabilities:

Battle is not won in the field, it is first won in the mind is the perfect saying. If you doubt yourself while preparing that means mentally you have not recognised your strengths.  A positive mindset can only help you in assessing your strengths makes you confident thereby paving you to implement successful strategies to crack IIT-JEE /NEET or any other exam.

Assess yourself:-

Undoubtedly, the exam environment and its anxiety is a different experience and you may not able to put your best tricks and shortcuts due to such environment. To overcome that anxiety and stress stimulating environment, write your Mock Tests presuming the hall and examiner as invigilator of IIT-JEE /NEET exam.

Balance Study and Co-curricular activities:-

All study and no play makes the life monotonous and depressing. Plan your exam preparation keeping some free time for sports or any recreational activity, enjoying the beauty of nature, keeping social associations also helps in releasing stress resulting in efficient follow up of study plan with more concentration and motivation. So, always make sure to have optimum balance between study and co -curricular activities.

IIT-JEE exams are conducted not only to check your IQ but to check multiple concerns at one time. So, having strong foundation of every concept is the one key to all answers that will not let you stuck in. Don’t hesitate to ask any question, clear your each and every doubt (don’t assume answer of you own or think to ask later on). Explore all avenues that can help you solve your queries. Be Confident and clarified about every concept.

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