Can an Average Student of Class 11 Get a Good Score in the JEE Main?

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I am an average student; Can I crack IIT-JEE? The question that flutters in the minds of students while preparing for IIT-JEE exams. This happens because there are innumerable competitors appearing for exam and seats are limited. But assuming the intelligent and smart candidates crack and being an average student you won’t able to crack is totally depressing.

While putting the question asks yourself is it the final thing you have to achieve? NO, this is the first step to reach the goal of being a successful engineer. IIT-JEE exam is the door to get education in elite college but doesn’t ensure that you are a successful engineer.

Again, Analyse your question deeply “Can I crack Engineering exam, I am an average student?” What is an average student? This is only your thinking that is categorizing you as average student. Never put question mark on your own abilities. Half the battle is won in the mind only and the rest is strategy for preparation. There are numerous examples of average scorers becoming successful in their respective fields.

IIT-JEE exam is not conducted to categorise you as intelligent or average rather it is conducted to check the level of understanding of concepts. Whether you are intelligent or not doesn’t matter, what matters is your strategy to perform perfectly in three hours. It doesn’t matter where you stand in school exams? What matters is where you have to reach and how to reach.

Journey begins with Preparation:-

  • It is about preparing for various concepts with deep understanding. Perseverance and immense hard work is not easy to attain but yes with understanding it will definitely be fruitful.
  • Begin your preparation with strategic study plan, follow it sincerely. Give equal time to all the subjects (maths, physics, and chemistry).
  • Have fundamental understanding of every concept and enhance your problem solving skills, aptitude and reasoning skills.
  • Remember shortcuts and tricks to solve questions and always memorize important formulas.
  • Appear for more and more mock tests and presume you are attempting IIT-JEE mains exam.
  • Read each question twice to identify the concept and fundamental required to attempt question. Correlate and solve questions tactfully. Mere understanding of a concept is not adequate. You have to learn to apply these concepts in solving tricky problems. Problems in IIT-JEE are not direct application of a single concept. Many IIT-JEE problems involve more than one basic concept.
  • Focus to practise quality content from subjects you feel sluggish and enhance your strongest subject scoring best in that subject.
  • Solve previous question bank from previous year’s questions keeping time as constraint to speed up your performance.
  • Not only speed and time matters, accuracy is important and can’t be ignored as there is negative marking for each question can change the game.
  • Stay motivated never let depressing thought make you feel that you can’t crack exam. Revise all the concepts thoroughly and time to time. Keeping learned fundamental intact improves retention power making you more confident, motivated to score higher
  • Now, till the exam date comes, you have already sharpened your strengths and rectified your weaknesses.

You are ready to outperform with full confidence. Now you are not going to consider yourself an average student, time has come to emerge out as successful IIT-JEE Examinee.

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