How to Avoid Memory Overload in IIT-JEE / NEET preparation?

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As an IIT-JEE or NEET aspirer, the single thing that we have control over is to do rigorous preparation. For this we need to understand the concepts completely before remembering. Once we are through with understanding of the entire syllabus, we prepare and learn to score higher.

But after putting all he sweat and tears, what happens we forget vital information while appearing in Exam. Don’t worry it’s not only you there are many students streaming with you. So, the problem is not studying same thing searching the Google and books for same topic, the problem is retaining the techniques you have learned.

According to Cognitive Load Theory, human brain has limited capacity to remember things and we are overloading our minds with load and loads of information. So, to avoid memory load is the first thing we need to remember. There are certain strategies that can be implemented to maximise learning by extending the memory recalling capacity.

By employing following points, you can make yourself free from the frustrating problem of forgetting crucial information at right time:-

Sequence of learning

The biggest mistake students make when they start new topic is they start learning it like a new concept. First thing we need to understand is  to correlate the new topic with the concepts we have already mastered. Amalgamating the basic fundamental knowledge with the new concepts reduces the complexity of understanding. Leveraging existing knowledge in our brain makes it easier to build and retain new concepts.

 Chunk your concepts.

While appearing in test many students fail to attempt and they think they suffered from anxiety. However, the panic they have gone through is not because they are not thorough with subject content but it is because they have not created “”neural chunks “.

Neural Chunks is the best solution to avoid memory overload.

Learning too much content in one session burdens the mind and our mind stats functioning slowly same as the computer when overloaded with data works slowly. Breaking the massive information into data and bits improves memory and functioning of brain.

During your preliminary preparation if you have chunked the content and learned it in that way, the neural chunk i.e. the pattern formation is done and now you can stack other chunks with the required one to solve any complicate problem easily.

Use Mnemonics
We all have  common human cognitive architecture to remember things, using mnemonics – alternative or innovative or narrated story or some other way for example: stringing first letter of every word in a sentence North, South, East, West is remembered Naughty Elephants Squirt Water, makes it easier for the inventor of mnemonic to remember that.

In almost every subject be it maths, science physics, geography or philosophy mnemonics can be used to overcome the limitation of our working memory. There are many ways to do that, creating a vivid picture or sequential story narration, assimilating chunks into one memorable thing (rhyme, song, story, or even Acronyms).

Talking aloud and learning, Focussing on quality instead of quantity learning, changing the atmosphere (place) and mind mapping techniques can also be employed but chunking is the mother of making learning and retaining simpler.

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