How to Study Organic Chemistry For IIT-JEE and NEET?

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If you are lover of chemistry it is easy to be champion of organic chemistry else you have to understand the deeper meaning and need of organic chemistry to master the subject. This subject freaks out students as questions asked are very complex and require lot of brainstorming. A very well organised and implemented approach is required to study the subject. You have to plan rigorous and maximum time providing schedule with fair commitment if you really want to master organic chemistry.

Students consider it as subject of molecular reactions and with this perspective they fail to solve the problems in exam, no matter how perfectly they know the subject. Learn and understand that you can master the subject when you will see it as an innovative science of developing undiscovered molecules synthesizing the existing ones. This is the most challenging as new invention is going to happen. So, only exceptional excellent preparation and research is rewarded with organic chemistry. Few tips to master organic chemistry:

Get a simplified book

A book that simplifies the complex problems will give better understanding of concepts. This will change your perspective, instead of finding the subject difficult and monotonous you realise that it is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Only basic reaction mechanisms need to be memorized and rest is all logical and conceptual. Once you developed your logical skills you can easily solve any question in exam.

 Study General Organic Chemistry First

Build up strong foundation of General organic chemistry before stepping into organic chemistry. This will make your organic chemistry preparation less cumbersome.

A firm understanding and note making (or memorization) of generalised way of reactions will make subsequent concept understanding faster and easier. You need to thoroughly understand Carbonations and their stability, inductive effect, mesomeric effect, resonance, nomenclature and many other basic concepts. Understanding them well, serve as a tool for Organic Chemistry, else it will be a nightmare for you.

 Solve numerous problems and solve them systematically:-

After gaining command over concepts, solve huge amount of questions to reinforce the fundamentals and mechanisms you have already learnt. Solve diverse set of numerical systematically.

Learning and practising to solve problems systematically will create chain of reaction mechanism which will make concepts more logical to remember.

Revise regularly

Best approach to strengthen organic chemistry is to revise regularly each topic. While revising don’t stuck to a problem and waste your time. Instead use marking system i.e. mark the level of difficulty you are facing to solve question This marking scheme will help you in overcoming weaker areas and while re-revising focus on marked problems as you have already spent a considerable effort and time on particular topic. For theory, make notes of all the points you often forget, re-revise them. This way you won’t overload your mind and will revise only those concepts you slipped saving revision time. Such extensive and exhaustive preparation will dwell deeper concepts leaving all the solutions that won’t work.

Comprehending all the above steps in your study plan will be rewarded when at the end of the year you will have to revise entire syllabus and show your performance in final exam.

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