What to do When you are Not Able to Solve Questions in IIT-JEE Preparation?

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IIT-JEE examination is fierce as the number of candidates appearing is much more than seats, to come out successful you need to develop scientific temperament besides concept building and problem solving.

Every subject (Physics, chemistry or biology) has variety of questions and different tricks works for different set of questions. Analyse, strategise and prepare notes according to different approaches required to attempt questions. This helps in thinking faster to solve thereby saving time and efforts. Make sure to apply a trick that is easy and the magnitude with which it simplifies the question, this is what actually is desired from IIT-JEE examinee.

If you are not able to solve a question it means understanding the fundamentals need more exploration. Step back goes through the concept, revise, understand then start solve question again. You will surely find and do the rectification needed.  This is the moment you feel happier and motivated, start practising all complex problems that you won’t be able to solve earlier and see the difference.

Getting stuck during preparation is fine but staying stucked isn’t.

When you stuck to solve problems or understand and give up it becomes harder to concentrate, even if you change the subject you won’t be able to perform and feel frustrated. Change your environment- take a break, re-energise yourself, come back and start afresh it will change your perspective to solve questions. As soon as you stuck with the problem and tried solving it repeatedly, change your strategy and start substituting each option as answer to get the right solution.

Students does silly mistake, they leave question after solving almost 75-80% that too of well versed concept. Identify the trick applied while preparing for the same type of questions and correlate then calculate .So, solve the question till end with right calculation.

With the right concept and trick purpose of question is identified and correlated but correct option still needs to be calculated. So, don’t assume answer while correlating rather calculates till end and solve it.

The key lies in identifying these tricks and identifying the correct trick to solve with a question.

To overcome the situation you can follow the piece of advice:-

Be Determined:-Be determined about your goal, clarity of goal never lets you to stuck for long period. As soon as you remember your goal, you will get the way to overcome stucked situation.

Make optimum use of available time, align school syllabus with IIT-JEE preparation. Don’t Forget to add relaxation and recreation time!

You have make your own boundaries: Quality is more important than quantity. Choosing to over practising your favourite subject thinking you can score best with that only is totally wrong.

Instead of solving whole bundle of unsolved questions, practise limited number of complex and tricky questions devoting your precious time to all subjects.

Don’t dilute topics before reaching proficiency level of one.

Be confident and positive with what you have learned so far, this will make big difference to attain good rank in your  Final IIT-JEE exam.

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