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Home tutorial, also known as home tuition is the tutorial given to the students at home in the fast placed life of modern days, home tutorial is gaining a huge momentum. In many cases, parents are unable to give the required attention towards their children’s home studies. The underlying reasons for this can be attributed to the parent’s breakneck schedule, long working hours and fast life style etc. This trend is very common in the urban areas such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other international metropolitan cities.

Pranavi home tutor provides an excellent home tutorial services to the students in Delhi and NCR . We have expertise in Science and Math home Tuition from 6th Standard to 12th Standard. Our talented and expert tutors visit to student’s home and teach them dedicatedly.

1 to 1 home tuition

This involves helping students in home work and assisting them in regular studies. We also help students to come up with a strategy for a school exams and competitive exams i.e. IIT JEE, PMT, NTSE Olympiad and many more. Our continuous support helps students to improve their grades and excel in academics and competitive exams. Our home Tutorial service helps children who need attention by providing educational support and brilliant guidance. For all our home tutorial students, we provide pre-screened and trained tutors by our expert team. They are extremely reliable and passionate about teaching. Regular examinations are conducted for our home tutorial students to track and monitor their progress. Our customized home tutorial services have been appreciated by many parents, adding to me long list of satisfied students and parents.

Why Choose Us?

At Pranavi home tutor we are committed as we believe in coaching and guiding the children to go for their goal in full gear. We have access to the most well trained, experienced and highly qualified tutors that have a passion for teaching . We are performance focused and work with each student to understand his weaknesses to convert them into strengths. Individually every parent is assured peace of mind as he is updated of the child’s overall progress from time to time. Beyond that Pranavi home tutor commits itself to calling each parent at regular intervals to discuss the progress of the student. Parents are encouraged to call us, as often as they like keeping personally abreast of each tutoring mission is a core philosophy of the company.

Our Mission & Vision

Without a goal or mission our progress is hampered as we work without focus and half heartedly. The target always compels and pushes us towards achievement like every organization we have a holistic vision, a vision which is our mission also. We strive to make good citizens who will make our nation shine. We believe that some of our students will become future scientists, economists, educationists or big entrepreneur. It is our mission to prepare students to become future dignitaries of our country. Students are the future of any country. So our mission is our contribution in shaping this coveted future.

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