Last Week Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced 2018

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Just a week is left and the aspirants will have to face the toughest exam of their career, the much awaited JEE Advanced examinations. Tensions are running high, so much stress and pressure are building up and only one week is left. Just don’t worry, take a deep breath and feel relaxed. We at Pranavi home tutor help you figure out the method and plan that help to boost your last minute preparations and remained focused and relaxed.

Here are the few tips provided by our experienced teachers that will surely help you with last minute preparations and help you to crack good scores.

Time Management:- We all know time management is a key to success. Make a schedule and stick to it for all your relevant subjects so that you can give sufficient time to the main subjects and revise them thoroughly.

Understand the pattern of exam:- You can prepare in the right direction only when you understand the pattern of exams and well aware of syllabus. With this you will get familiarized with the marks weightage and marking scheme which in turn will help you to understand the types of question and importance of topics.

Use the conceptual study method:-Now you are running short of time and you have just a week left so it is a wise decision to study concept-wise that will give you wider and deeper knowledge of the subject and allow you to answer analytical questions well in JEE Advanced examinations.

Know your strength:- Know your strength which will help you strong in terms of preparations. During the last week try to focus on the concepts and topics which you believe to be your strength this will help you to score well in the questions from these concepts.

Study in groups:-If you have habits of group study it will surely help you in clearing your doubts and help you in better understanding of subjects while discussing the things with each other. Don’t afraid to ask questions to teachers, tutors, seniors and friends who have in-depth knowledge of the subject and clear your doubts for better understanding.

Analyze your mock tests

Solving mock tests and sample papers are perhaps the best way to check your preparations. Check out your mistakes, revise them again and compare your latest mock test with the previous one in terms of checking the mistakes and time frame.

No new books at the last moment

A Big No to the new chapters and new books at the last moment of your study. Instead, utilize your time to make your known topics stronger that will surely increase your scores.

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